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I’m taking a break from tumblr for the rest of the day
I need to work things out and have some me time
bye for now lovelies (~’3’)~

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I can’t believe we did this!

Me and fxntasia have a dream!
And that dream is Rapunzel appreciation week( ´∀`)☆
Rapunzel isn’t underrated, but it’s always a good time to celebrate the sunshine that is her.
During this week, feel free to make any post to fit the prompt of the day. That can be gifsets, photosets, a cover of a song, fan art, fanfic, whatever your hearts desire! Be sure to tag anything you make as #rapunzelweek and ask me or Angela (fxntasia) if you have any questions!

Day 1 (August 17th)- Favorite moment

Day 2 (August 18th)- Favorite quote

Day 3 (August 19th)- Favorite outfit

Day 3 (August 20th)- Little Rapunzel or Adult Rapunzel?

Day 4 (August 21st)- Favorite Eupunzel moment

Day 5 (August 22nd)- Favorite hairstyle

Day 6 (August 23rd)- Favorite song

Day 7 (August 24th)- Anything dedicated to the cutie!

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Disneyyandmore’s Disney Alphabet Screencap/Gif Meme: Breanna

A Quote

i love this so much!! <3

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All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

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And I’ll rise like the break of dawn!

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tangled caps

↳ F r o z e n (2013)

Don't Conceal , Feel , Let them Know

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Beautiful lovey-dovey darlings smoochin’  ヽ(*・ω・)ノ


Princess Badass!

What once was mine.
                                               who are you?
                       I am Baymax, & protect your heart & body
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the ancients spoke of it…

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princess Anna of Arenderp

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